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The importance of the human energy body to health and vitality has been known for thousands of years. Life energy has been given many labels including chi, prana, odic force etc. it has been utilized by many practices including chi kung, tai chi, yoga, kung fu, acupuncture, reiki, reflexology, quantum touch and crystal healing.

The more vital energy you have, the more alive you become on every level, physical, emotional, mental, creative and spiritual.

Top to Toe Energy Therapy

This is a 90 minute treatment @ £45.00
Incorporating Crystal Therapy and Angelic Reiki

The Energy centres (chakras) of the body are checked by dowsing using a pendulum to see if they are in a balanced or imbalanced state.
Using the pendulum to dowse a Bach Flower chart, this determines which one of the 38 emotional moods your own body is emitting and which of the Bach Flower Remedies are most suitable for you and your current emotional state.
An aura scan is done with my own hand held quartz crystals to check for congestion around the body.
A negativity/congestion removal is carried out with the crystal, selenite.
Using my own quartz crystals again I will aim to balance the Neurological, Circulatory and Brain working on different points of the body.
Then from the information already gathered about the state of your energy flow I will do a crystal placement to balance your energy (chakras).
Whilst these crystals are working on and with your own body, I will then channel Angelic Reiki, bringing about a deep sense of peace and calm.

Combined Remedial Therapies

Any combination of Deep Tissue Massage,Myofascial Release, hot stone, bamboo massageand Emmett Techniques will be used to work on those problematic muscular areas of the body and will be tailored to meet your own individual requirements at the time of attending your appointment.
These combinations are at a cost of £40.00 per hour.
75 minutes - £49.00
90 minutes - £58.00

Shorter appointments of 30 minutes

These are ideal when you have one area of the body that needs attention, if for example you have a strained calf muscle and that’s all you require working on,then a shorter appointment time would be suitable.
Shorter 30 minute appointment £30
More chronic conditions which need a longer consultation and more intensive treatment would require a minimum of one hour.

Adding on additional therapies

Any combination can be put together eg
Remedial therapies with the more spiritual holistic treatments like Reiki, additional times:
75 minutes £45.00
90 minutes £55.00

Reflexology, Crystal Therapy, Reiki

Any of the above three can be combined:
One hour - £35.00
75 minutes - £40.00
90 minutes - £45.00
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